Sometimes you got answer the most difficult questions in life  but apparently you tend not to find the answers. What then should you do fight on or give up? Giving up is not the best option but rather it is an act of cowardice. You have that one chance left to prove your worth even if it means sacrificing your time and resources it is worth it.

Everything that comes your way in your life there’s a reason for that and therefore you need to dig deep to find out how can solve your problems before they escalate and become life crises. Mind you you have to go through various problems and challenges to get real transformation in life.

Be a go fighter and don’t let success elope from your hands it’s just that very minor challenge that you have to go through and there you are a winner.





When I look at my past then look at my future     I hear a voice telling me keep going Eldon  Tough decisions to make  running in my mind  Should i give up? No I stay Strong.

Friends are  making it harder                           Some intending to ruin my future.               While others encourage me to do my best.    Who do I listen to.

You want to remain cool                              Partying and hanging out with them.              You don’t wanna let your company down.        Is this right or wrong?

The decision solely lies upon me.                           I get to build my reputation and my future.         A future worth smiling for.                                 That is the direction i choose to take.


A new day.

We wake up each day to a bright day as the birds sing sweet lullabies either proclaiming you will have a successful day or you are going to toil and moil the whole day and may end gathering nothing. This however can’t deter you from achieving your best and aiming to strive to thrive in all your endeavors.